3 Stepsto nutritious dog food

To guarantee fresh food to your door we snap freeze it and deliver every 14 or 28 days (according to your freezer space). You simply keep it frozen until you're ready to use, thawing 1 container at a time.

Book Free Delivery

Choose either fortnightly delivery or monthly. We deliver to your suburb on a regular day.

Leave Your Esky Out

On delivery day simply leave your esky outside. Then put the food in the freezer when you get home.

Thaw & Serve

Thaw 1 container at a time slowly in the fridge over 24-48 hours. Use within 3 days of opening.


Nature is so great.

It provides a whole range and quantity of elements across different plants & animals that dogs need for sustenance. With the help of our Animal Nutrionalist of 30 years experience we've created a recipe that is appealing taste-wise to your best friend but also provides a complete meal, nutrition and vitality to attain and maintain a healthy pet.

Based on human-grade, low-allergen chicken meat our superfoods are added to crate a unique blend of nutritious, healthy and flavoursome food for your best friend.

As animal nutritionalists and scientists learn more about what makes healthy pets we build the latest learnings into our recipes.

We take these learnings, source fresh supplies and grind down the superfoods to make them easier to digest.

We then hand-blend them to spread the goodness.




Sunflower Meal

Omega 6

Rich in Omega 6 fatty acids and essential minerals, the building blocks of life

Coconut Meal


Energises the brain and fuelling the body whilst reducing cholesterol.

St Mary's Thistle


Improving liver function and promoting healthier skin, hair and bone.



An appetite stimulant packed with iron increasing your dogs energy and vitality.

Celery Seed

Night Vision

Rich in vitamins B6, C and E, Celery Seed is used to cleanse the kidneys and to reduce joint inflammation.

Yellow Pea Protein

Muscle Repair

Provides a concentrated dose of vegetable protein and amino acids for muscle repair and growth.





Al-fal-fa means "Father of Foods". An excellent anti0arthritic and cholesterol blocker keeping arteries free of plaque.


Coat Condition

A palatable complex blend of proteins and oils that’s packed with energy that improves coat condition



Kelp has been a staple healthy food for centuries in places like Japan. Rich in minerals Kelp rounds out your dog's nutrition.'

The natural choice!

Its virtually impossible for supermarkets to keep fresh food frozen deeply enough to keep the food preserved. The food passes through many hands just getting from producers to retailer. Along the way it will past through all sorts of storage locations & hands. Some with good deep freezers and some maybe no refrigeration at all. Once inside the store Shoppers are opening and closing the freezers all the time letting cold air escape.

Because of this lack of consistency almost all commercial food producers add any number of chemicals and preservatives to their food to retard food spoilage.

We don't.

At Ocean Forest Farm we believe that keeping unnatural chemicals and preservatives out of your dog's diet is a good thing.

To ensure your food is always fresh we freeze it deeply as soon as its prepared.

The food goes from our kitchen to our freezers, where it is stored for up to a week until your delivery in the coming week. Our refrigerated delivery vans take it from our freezers right to your esky there at your house. (And if you forget we leave it in a insulated cooler bag).


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